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:: Ministry Stuff in Nevada, MO::


C3M Ministries is located in Nevada, MO.  We minister to our local area in a variety of ways.  C3M sponsors local bible studies, a school of ministry, monthly Church services and other meetings and events as the Lord leads.




Sunday Mornings
9 am Bible Study

10:15 Worship and Body Ministry

Christ's Church - An Open Church Fellowship
Everyone is invited to join us for Bible Study, Prayer and Body Ministry.  We serve a light breakfast from 9 until 10:15 am in a casual setting where everyone is encouraged to obey the Lord and share in the ministry.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and solid Bible teaching and worship in an atmosphere that welcomes the gifts of the Holy Spirit through His Body.  Click here for more information and a map to our location.

Men's Meetings, Women's Meetings and House Church

C3M Ministries is associated with Christ's Church of Nevada
Christ's Church hosts a variety of meetings through the week, including meetings in Nevada and El Dorado Springs.  WE have house churches in both towns and separate men's and women's groups that meet in both places.  Please visit Christ's Church web site for current meeting times and locations.


The Gathering 2012
The Gather will take place outdoors in a rural setting this year, either in late June or July.  We will have several nights of meetings with various ministries leading worship and teaching.  The Gathering is a meeting for everyone in the area who wants to come together and hear what God is saying to the Body of Christ in the region.  We try to be as spontaneous as possible and let the Holy Spirit move among and minister through His Body that gather's together.


C3M School of Ministry - Forgiveness Actions and Attitudes
A six week Bible Course focusing on the issues of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not as easy as we would like for it to be at times.  Every believer has to deal with 6 areas of forgiveness throughout their Christian life: 1. Getting forgiveness from God, 2. Forgiving God, 3. Forgiving themselves, 4. Asking forgiveness from others, 5. Forgiving those who have wronged them, and 6. Helping others learn to forgive.  This in depth series covers topics such as The actions and attitudes of forgiveness.  The act of forgiveness verses the path of forgiveness.  The legalities of forgiveness.  Does a person have to ask for forgives before you forgive them.  We'll also cover some misconceptions that hinder forgiveness, such as, "If I forgive they will get away with it." Or "If I forgive them I will have to let them hurt me again."



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